The idea for FLOAT was created in the minds of Jan Sowa and Tomasz Fica, whose creative cooperation began with the Sofic company, where they jointly produced tailor-made boats and composite garden cellars. It was there that the dream of building houses on the water was born, thinking about people who are looking for something special and will appreciate the freedom that this way of life brings. To change the vision into reality, two engineers gathered a group of avid professionals. The combination of engineering precision, passion for design and knowledge of shipbuilding made FLOAT able to provide life on the water in the standard luxury apartment on land.

FLOAT is a modern, stylish water-based houses built
for those who like to swim against the current.

FLOAT is an opportunity to enjoy life
and take more of it.

FLOAT is a life on water in the standard
luxury apartment on land.

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FLOAT sp. z o.o.

ul. S.Sulimy 1/226
82-300 Elbląg
NIP: 578 312 32 46
+48 784 342 197
grupa Sofic Sp. z o.o.